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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Elder Care for Los Angeles Seniors

The beaches, parks and hiking trails of Los Angeles are very popular this time of year, as the summer breeze is calling out to everyone's inner adventurer. With the kids out for vacation, many adults are taking advantage of the weather and hitting the beaches. However, this simple pleasure that nature has to offer is not something that everyone can enjoy. Adults taking care of senior relatives are among this group as they must be on constant watch of their loved one. Seniors, who are very susceptible to diseases and accidents, require a companion to monitor their well being. Because walking too much can be very strenuous for them, they are also not able to accompany their family on outdoor outings. It's a rather sad truth, but the work, as many Angelinos with elderly relatives will know, is necessary.

In order to alleviate these burdens, A-1 Home Care is offering senior caregivers to families in Los Angeles. Trained with 2 years of more of caregiver experience, our in home and live in senior home health aides are well versed in the field of Elder Care and are able to administer all other facets of care that range from temporary, Overnight, and even 24 Hour Care. In addition to these categories, our senior cargivers are also able to provide Parkinson's Care, Companion Care and Heart Attack care.

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