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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Arts and Crafts Day at Downey Care Center

Fellow bookworms, do you love to read? Then you know how terrible it is to stop in the middle of your beloved story, only to lose your page! A-1 Home Care considers this plight very seriously, as constructed an arts and crafts activity perfect for the book lovers at Downey Care Center. Valentines Day Bookmarks!

A-1 Home Care will be hosting a half yearly session of arts and crafts projects which are appropriate for senior residents at the local convalescent hospital. We care a lot about the elders recovering from their surgeries and receiving treatments at this lovely facility, and thought of several projects that would encourage healing and cheer.

Valentines Themed Tasseled Bookmarks


Patterned cardstock
Colored yarn
Stickers and Foam stickies
Single hole punch


1. Cut out the cardstock to measurements of 1.5 in wide x 5 in long
2. Punch a hole on the top of each bookmark
3. Using the assorted materials, Encourage seniors to decorate their bookmarks to their preferences. Lots of ideas include making Valentines day themed hearts, adding a personalized message, or drawing pictures with markers.
4. Taking loops of yarn, tie strands to the end and trim to make a tassel.
 A-1 Home Care has provided senior caregiving services since 1991. We provide services for women with cervical cancer, and have excellent reviews from our satisfied clients. Take a look at our Caregivers of the Year for a sample of our excellent qualifications. 

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

National Cervical Cancer Awareness Week/ A-1 Home Care Los Angeles

This month is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. In respect to this, A-1 Home Care has compiled resources that may inform you about this serious illness.

Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that often grows very slowly over a period of years. Before the cancer actually develops, there are early changes that occur in the cells of the cervix. While these abnormal cells may not actually be cancerous, these cells may lead to cancer. These cells are sometimes referred to as precancerous, meaning that they have the potential to develop into cancer if not treated.

 All women, younger and older, are potentially at risk of developing cervical cancer at some point in their lifetime. The most common risk factors for cervical cancer include an early age of first intercourse, having multiple sexual partners, and having experienced a weakened immune system. Cervical cancer is most often diagnosed in women in their late 30s. It can, however, be diagnosed in younger as well as elderly women.

A-1 Home Care has provided senior caregiving services since 1991. We provide services for women with cervical cancer, and have excellent reviews from our satisfied clients. Take a look at our Caregivers of the Year for a sample of our excellent qualifications.

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