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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Improving quality of life with yoga/ 24 Hour Care in Los Angeles

Yoga can be good for adults of all ages, especially seniors. Studies have shown that yoga can be extremely helpful when it comes to combating stress, fatigue and pain. Some yoga poses increase stability and balance, which reduces the risk of fall-related injuries. Other poses can alleviate senior-related health issues such as menopause. Above all, yoga is a form of exercise that can help seniors feel younger.

What types of yoga poses should you learn to help battle common senior ailments? Even though you may not be able to twist yourself into a pretzel, there are plenty of stretches that are good for senior bodies. After all, yoga is about gentle movement, and not hurting the body. A-1 Home Care recommends trying out the following pose:

Seated Chair Post:

  1. Sit on a chair, keeping your knees together and your feet flat on the floor.
  2. Inhale.
  3. As you exhale, bend forward, rounding your shoulders and bending your back forward one vertebra at a time.
  4. Let your arms hang by your sides.
  5. Hold this pose for three breaths.

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